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TripMemo OTEā„¢ Channel Manager is a subscription-based service for travel suppliers to win commission-free bookings and gain unlimited access to the Grasshopper365 Mobile App.

Trial the channel manager free for the first 21 days after your business onboarding and subscribe at just US$ 10/month onwards* should you wish to keep it functional. Just keep your payment regular and enjoy the TripMemo benefits ceaselessly!

Remember to not miss a recharge!

Important: Every new subscription span covers 30 days, starting from the expiry date of your last subscription, i.e., on renewing your subscription after a period of not paying for the services, the recharge amount will include your pending dues. Click to know more.


Save 18%

RS 750.00 / month + gst

Billed as one payment of RS 9000.00 + gst


Save 18%

RS 900.00 / month + gst

For first 1500 users

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